Antonio Sanchez Drum Kits(via

All drums Yamaha Maple Absolute Nouveau in Custom Purple Fade Finish

A-5x14 Snare Drum
B-8x10 Tom
C-8x12 Tom
D-14x14 Floor Tom
E-16x16 Floor Tom
F-16x20 Bass Drum
G-5x12 Snare Drum

1-22' A Custom Flat Ride/18' K Dark Crash/ 8' Inverted A Custom Splash
2-16' Remix/6' Inverted A Custom Splash
3-22' A Custom Flat Ride/ 18' Prototype Crash with holes
4-22' Constantinople Medium Ride/16' Constantinople Crash
5-18' Remix
6-22' Swish with 8 Rivets
7-14' Constantinople Hi Hats

aa-Yamaha Double Chain Drive Double Pedal
bb-Cowbell Mounted on LP Gajate Bracket with Yamaha Single Bass Drum Pedal
cc-Yamaha Electronic drum
dd-LP Red Woodblock
ee-LP Black Salsa Cowbell
ff-LP Silver Mambo Bell

All Hardware Yamaha

All Percussion Latin Percussion

Drumheads: All Drums: Remo Coated Ambassadors X on top, Clear Ambassadors on bottoms

Sticks: Antonio Sanchez Signature Model
Brushes: Zildjian
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